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Riverview Cemetery is a non-sectarian, non-denominational, non-profit organization located in Jefferson City, MO. The governing body of the cemetery consists of citizens and community leaders who serve on a board of directors. They receive no compensation for their service.



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Our mission is to provide a stately and dignified setting sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead and to perpetuate the honor and memory of those interred in Riverview Cemetery.

Prior to 1910, the largest burial grounds located within the City of Jefferson were the Old City and Woodland Cemeteries on East McCarty Street and St. Peter’s Cemetery located on West Main Street. As the population of the city grew, so did the need for more adequate burial space. As a result, the Jefferson City Cemetery Company was incorporated in 1906. The tract of land designated by the corporation was owned by S.H. Sone and was located on what was then known as the California Road, 2-1/2 miles west of the Cole County Courthouse and 1/4 mile beyond Binder Park.

Several well-known citizens and businessmen were involved in the founding of the corporation. They included S.H. Sone, A.J. Bauer, E.L. Burch, H.B. Church Jr., L.D. Gordon, I.T. Oliver, Joe Vetter, D.C. Weatherby and Charles A. Winston. Mr. Burch was the first secretary of the corporation. An office was located at 306 East High Street with a telephone number of “67.”

The original cemetery tract of the 88 acres and was purchased for $7000. Initially, part of the undeveloped tract was used for pasture. The entire tract was fenced and a caretaker was present on a full-time basis.

On March 18, 1910 the first burial took place after 31-year old Charles Donnell died of burns. The first monument placed in the cemetery was that of Addie Stark on October 20, 1912. Visitors to the cemetery will note many monuments which pre-date the opening of the cemetery. These are burials and monuments which were removed from the Old City and Woodland Cemeteries. Among those moved to Riverview were prominent historical figures General Thomas Lawson Price and Burr McCarty.

The cemetery was operated by the Jefferson City Cemetery Association until all assets and liabilities were transferred to the Riverview Cemetery Association as of May 31, 1955. Located at 2600 West Main Street, Riverview Cemetery today encompasses over 80 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. A portion of the property remains undeveloped, and a master plan will guarantee that it will remain a beautiful place into the 22nd century.

A variety of wildlife including deer, turkey, fox and raccoon, as well as many species of birds live in the undeveloped areas of Riverview. Every effort is being made to ensure they remain a part of the peaceful setting.

Careful attention is also given to the proper care of the many tree varieties located on the grounds. Each year many young hardwood trees are planted to replace those that must be removed.

Currently there are nearly 10,000 loved ones who have their final resting place in Riverview Cemetery.



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Riverview Cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of concerned local residents dedicated to improving the Jefferson City area through service. It is our hope that Riverview reflects the dignity and honor befitting those interred here, their descendants, and future generations of Jefferson Citians. Learn More.

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