Riverview Cemetery

Baxter, Annie White

Annie White was born on March 2, 1864 to John and Jenny White. She was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, but spent most of her early years in Newark, Ohio. The White family moved to Carthage, Missouri in 1877. White graduated from Carthage High School, where she had a reputation for being outspoken, commanding, and aggressive.

After graduation, White was employed as the assistant of the Jasper County courthouse clerk. She was appointed as a regular deputy clerk in 1885, and performed her duties so well that the next elected clerk made her principal deputy.

White married Charlie Baxter on January 14, 1888, and retired to focus on her family. However, when the county clerk was unable to continue working, White returned to her former position.

In 1890, thirty years before women were given the right to vote, Annie White Baxter was elected by Jackson County to be the county clerk. She was the first woman in the nation to hold that office, and the first woman in Missouri to be elected to public office. During her term, White oversaw the construction of the current Jackson County courthouse.