Riverview Cemetery

Binder, Frederick H.

Fred H. Binder was born in Hanover, Germany on October 14, 1845. His father, J.C. Binder, was an architect, builder, and civil engineer, and specialized in the construction of houses and water mills. After he and his wife, Johanna Meyer Binder, passed away, Fred immigrated to the United States. Binder had been educated in architecture and the builder’s trade, and moved directly to Missouri in 1866.

Binder moved to Jefferson City in the spring of 1867. He began his professional career in construction, as well as government. He was elected to the Board of Education in 1878, to the city council in 1881, and as mayor of Jefferson City in 1884. That same year, Binder was appointed as superintendent of the construction of the United States Court House and Post Office.

Binder designed most of the buildings in Jefferson City, including the St. Peter’s Catholic Church and Evangelic Central Church. He was president of the Jefferson City Water Works Company, and brought the water wheel to mid-Missouri.

Binder wished for a public park to be built after his death, and left money for its construction. The city used those funds to build both Binder and Memorial Park.