Riverview Cemetery

Busch, Hugo

Hugo Busch was born on January 1, 1867, in Germany to Theodore Busch and his wife, Marie. Busch received his basic education in public schools, then spent three years in an apprenticeship for the florist trade. He immigrated to the United States in 1884, and worked for a florist in St. Louis for five years. Busch ventured west for a bit, and worked in Kansas City for fifteen months before returning to St. Louis. He decided to try his luck in 1891, and moved to Jefferson City to open his own floral shop. Busch’s Florist became very successful, and has been one of central Missouri’s prominent florists for over 100 years.

Busch married Lena Young on January 13, 1891. Young was originally from Astoria, Oregon. The couple raised eight sons and two daughters in Jefferson City, and most worked at the florist shop.