Riverview Cemetery

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Who’s Who at Riverview

Preserving History, Honoring Heritage

Courtesy of Cole County Historical Society

Please contact us if you have information regarding other notable individuals interred at Riverview. We believe the preservation of history is one of our most important duties.


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Baker, Sam A.
Bauer, A. J.
Baxter, Annie White
Binder, Frederick
Blair Jr, James T.
Busch, Hugo
Dallmeyer, William Q.
Dix, Leander Vaughn
Gass, Howard A.
Gordon, Thorpe
Hadley, Herbert

Haskell, Agnes Lee
Hawkins, Alfred L.
Hawkins, Scott P.
Hobbs, John W.
Houchin, James A.
Hough, Arthur
Hough, George W.
Hyde, Laurance M.
Keown, James L.

Leedy Jr., Caleb A.
Lohman, Charles
McCarty, Burr

Ott, Louis

Ott, Philip
Parsons, Gen. Mosby
Pope, Winfield Scott
Price, Thomas L.
Simonsen, Ernst
Simonsen, Frederica
Stephens, Hugh
Tompkins, George
Weldon, Betty Goshorn
Winter, Edward H.
Zeisberg, Franz J.


The Tombstone Transcription Project
A-Bas Bat-Bro Bru-Del Del-Gay Gei-Hes Hic-Kol Kol-Mey Mic-Pey Phe-Rya S-Smi Sne-Urb V-Zum



Baker, Sam A.

Samuel Aaron Baker was born on November 7, 1874, to Sam Baker and Mary Amanda McGhee in Patterson, Missouri. Baker’s family was not wealthy, so he worked as a railroad hand and in a lumber yard to save enough money … Continue reading

Bauer, A. J.

August J. Bauer was born to prominent Jefferson City businessman, John N. Bauer, and Anna Barbara Bauer on August 8, 1966. Both of his parents were German immigrants. A.J. attended Jefferson City public schools, and after graduation was hired as … Continue reading