Riverview Cemetery

Dallmeyer, William Q.

William Qunitillian Dallmeyer was born to Johann Christopher Heinrich and Katherine Von der Horst Dallmeyer. He was born on October 23, 1829 in Dissen, Hanover, Germany. He immigrated to the United States in 1845, and worked in New Orleans. He eventually traveled up the Mississippi River and worked for a brief time in St. Louis before settling in Gasconade County. He was a man of many talents; he ran a general store, owned farmland, and served as Postmaster.

Dallmeyer enlisted in the Union Army in 1861, and became a Lieutenant Colonel in the Mix Month Missouri Militia. In 1864, he was elected to the state legislature, and in 1868 was elected State Treasurer. After winning the position of State Treasurer, Dallmeyer moved to Jefferson City.

Dallmeyer organized a national bank with Nelson Burch in 1871 and absorbed the Capital City Bank. In 1875, he married Louise Sophia Lange, and they had five children. Dallmeyer served on the Board of Education for 18 years.