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Riverview’s knowledgeable staff is prepared to accommodate every age level with tours that can be customized to address specific elements of your curriculum or interests. Please contact the cemetery office for more information.


Our history tour showcases the many influential Jefferson Citians who shaped our history. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the final resting places of Thomas Lawson Price, Jefferson City’s first mayor; Judge George Tompkins, who boldly took an anti-slavery stance on the Missouri Supreme Court, most notably on the controversial Dred Scott case; and Annie White Baxter, the first woman elected to office by popular vote in Missouri – a full thirty years before those of her gender held the right to vote! Your group will also enjoy meeting the namesakes of well-known local landmarks: Thorpe Gordon, Binder, Hough, McClung, Simonsen and McCarty, among others.


With the sesquicentennial of the Civil War upon us, Riverview offers a unique educational opportunity to those interested in the War Between the States. The cemetery is home to a monument honoring General Mosby Monroe Parsons, the last personal secretary to Thomas Jefferson and Brigadier General in the Confederate army. His monument is surrounded by markers for 20 Cole county Confederate veterans.


If the history tour doesn’t fit your tastes, we also offer a more general presentation: “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Cemeteries but Were Afraid to Ask.” This hands-on tour explores America’s changing relationship with death throughout the centuries and allows attendees to uncover the meaning behind images often seen on older tombstones. Also addressed are the burial customs of different nationalities and religious groups. And of course, you’ll have the chance to get your hands dirty by trying out various methods of taking a grave rubbing!


We also welcome service projects; groups can assist with grounds maintenance, monument cleaning, planting and more! We request that you provide us with at least two weeks’ notice for service projects and that you provide at least one adult supervisor for every five minors (if applicable).

Grief Support

Grief seems to heal best when you share it with others. We'll help you find a group to get the support you need. Learn More.


Riverview Cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of concerned local residents dedicated to improving the Jefferson City area through service. It is our hope that Riverview reflects the dignity and honor befitting those interred here, their descendants, and future generations of Jefferson Citians. Learn More.

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