Riverview Cemetery

Gordon, Thorpe

Thorpe Gordon was born on September 29, 1891, near Scruggs Station, which was known in the late 1800s as the “Gordon neighborhood.” He was born to Charles Alexander Gordon and Georgia Ann Dickerson.

Gordon became an esteemed member of Jefferson City through his work in the undertaking business. As a young man, he was employed at the Walther-Wymore Furniture and Undertaking Company in 1910. Gordon then opened his own business, the Thorpe Gordon Funeral Home, in 1927 as a successor to Walther-Wymore. His funeral home was located in the house that formerly belonged to Major Winfield Scott Pope.

On December 22, 1937, Gordon married Margie Irene Donaldson. He was an active member of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce, serving as president in both organizations. He also served overseas during World War I, with the 337th machine gun battalion. Gordon was a member of the Jefferson City School Board for 26 years, the longest term of any member to date, and was president 7 times. Thorpe Gordon Elementary School is named in his honor.