Riverview Cemetery

Haskell, Agnes Lee

Agnes Lee was born on March 27, 1876 in Kansas City. She attended Vassar College, then returned to Missouri to be a reporter in Lawrence, Kansas. She was a successful journalist in the 1890s, defying expectations that women were supposed to remain in the home.

She married Herbert Hadley in 1901, who became governor seven years after their marriage. As first lady, Lee was very involved in local, European, and women’s affairs. She traveled to often in the 1920s, to Canada, Spain, Poland, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Scotland, Ireland, and England, to name a few places. She was a delegate of the International Federation of University Women, and attended its conferences in Norway and Poland. She was a member of the executive board of the Kansas City Philharmonic association, and sponsored a French class that she hosted in her home.

After her first husband’s death, she married the editor of the Kansas City Star, Henry Haskell, but wished to be buried by her first husband and son, who were already in Riverview Cemetery.