Riverview Cemetery

Hough, George W.

George Hough was born on April 17, 1808 in Loudon County, Virginia. He moved to St. Louis in 1837, and continued west to settle in Jefferson City in 1838. He was elected to represent Cole County in the Missouri House of Representatives in 1842, and in 1849 participated in framing the “Jackson Resolutions,” which encouraged the Missouri legislature to pledge loyalty to the southern states. In 1854, Governor Sterling Price appointed Hough as president of the Board of Public Works of Missouri, which supervised all the railroads in the Show-Me State. The Democratic party planned to have Hough succeed Claiborne Jackson as governor of Missouri in 1864, but the Civil War interrupted those plans.

Hough married Mary C. Shawen on March 24, 1833. The couple had three sons and three daughters. Two of his sons became judges, and the third became a doctor.