Riverview Cemetery

McCarty, Burr

Burr Harrison McCarty was born to William McCarty and Mary Champ on June 10, 1810, near Leesburg, Virginia. His mother was an English lady, and she met his father while visiting President George Washington. McCarty graduated from Virginia University and moved to Missouri in 1835, settling in Jefferson City in 1836.

McCarty built a grand house on a street that was later named after him. He was so hospitable and entertained so many friends that he turned his home into the largest hotel in Jefferson City. During the Civil War, the hotel was vacated and used as a hospital. When the nation was not at war, the McCarty Hotel housed businessmen, legislators, and other distinguished Missourians.

When Frank James, brother of Jesse James, came to Jefferson City to turn himself in to Governor Crittenden, he stayed the night at the McCarty home. News traveled quickly throughout the town, and the McCarty house was soon full of people who stayed up until the early hours of the morning listening to James tell stories of his misadventures.

McCarty married Alzira Hughes on May 4, 1838. They had four children that survived into adulthood, William, Aurthur, Ella, and Lee.