Riverview Cemetery

Ott, Philip

Philip Ott was born to Charles Ott and Catherine Semmelman Ott on October 11, 1831, in Beyreuth, Bavaria, Germany. He attended college in Beyreuth, and immigrated to the United States with his sister, Johanna, in 1849. They landed in New Orleans, and Ott followed the Mississippi River up to St. Louis, where he worked for his uncle.

He purchased his uncle’s business after his death, but grew tired of it and moved to Cole County in 1853. Ott began to work in merchandising, and established a farm in Marion, Missouri. In 1865, Ott was appointed Postmaster in Marion. He moved to Jefferson City in 1882, and established a lumber business.

In 1885, Ott was appointed County Judge, and was reelected for two more terms. On April 2, 1889, Ott was elected mayor of Jefferson City.

On April 14, 1853, Ott married Elizabeth Wippenbeck, who was also a German immigrant. The couple had four children, Francis, Katie, and Louis, and a young son who died after being thrown from a horse.