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“Plan our own funerals? We’ll just let the kids take care of it.”

When a death occurs and arrangements were not made ahead of time, there are at least 49 decisions to be made in the next few hours.

If you’ve already pre-arranged funeral and cemetery services, there are only two decisions for your loved ones to make: date and time.



Our compassionate staff makes it a priority to help you develop a lasting tribute that fits your needs, tastes and budget. Experienced with families of many religions, cultures and finances, we will gently guide you through the options. We respect that your choice is yours alone; you’ll never find a pushy salesman at Riverview. Because we are a non-profit organization, we don’t worry about making sales quotas or working for commission. Our focus is on long-term relationships: we’re here to serve you today, your family tomorrow. And isn’t that what peace of mind is all about?



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We always advocate that consumers understand their rights, especially when making emotional decisions about a loved one’s passing. The Federal Trade Commission feels the same way and enforces “The Funeral Rule” to ensure that businesses in the funeral industry do not take advantage of a consumer’s grief. Literature detailing this regulation is available free of charge at our office.

Grief Support

Grief seems to heal best when you share it with others. We'll help you find a group to get the support you need. Learn More.


Riverview Cemetery is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of concerned local residents dedicated to improving the Jefferson City area through service. It is our hope that Riverview reflects the dignity and honor befitting those interred here, their descendants, and future generations of Jefferson Citians. Learn More.

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